AB Science is developing its lead compound masitinib in veterinary medicine.

Since 2008 in Europe and since 2010 in the USA, masitinib is registered in a canine cancer called mast cell tumor, the most common cutaneous cancer in dogs. The drug is marketed by AB Science under the brand Masivet® in Europe and Kinavet in the USA®.

Because of its broad mechanisms of actions, masitinib is developed in various indications, in the fields of oncology and inflammatory diseases, for both dogs and cats. 

This veterinary medicine program is important to AB Science

  • It demonstrates the operational capabilities of the company, its ability to carry-out international phase 3 studies, to complete a registration process, and to market a drug, with direct sales forces and a network of independent distributors
  • It strengthens the financial situation of the company, with the perspective of recurring revenues
  • It validates concepts for human indications. Indeed, diseases evaluated in veterinary medicine are natural diseases, caused by similar molecular anomalies as in human, and more relevant than artificially induced disease models usually used to evaluate therapeutic potential of human drugs. Furthermore, tyrosine kinase inhibitors, unlike antibodies, can be used for both human and animals